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"The Other Woman" Inspirational Musical Stage Play
John Ruffin, Writer/Producer/Co-Director
Willie Porter, Director
David Felton, Music Director

John Ruffin's "The Other Woman", debuted January 12 at South Shore Cultural Center, Chicago with an attendance record-breaking performance. In spite of its title, "The Other Woman" is not just a play about 'the players". The theme of infidelity is just one among many including: domestic violence, addiction, betrayal, and finding true love, as soul mates meet and others find the true love of God.

The story centers on a father's impact on the lives and fortunes of his family over 20 years. Events that draw us into the lives of the Hopkins family lead to another familiar theme: the role of the church. "The Other Woman" takes a hard, though sometimes comedic look at the "business" of salvation.

The cast of 'The Other Woman" includes veteran performers and new faces making their acting/singing debuts. Featured in the role of the son is Walter King, a 20-year acting vet and popular illusionist known as the "Spellbinder". Also featured is the talented Sandra McCullough as the flamboyant, man-wise best friend, and Deanna Reed, singer/actress, as the long-suffering wife. Victor Brinson makes an impressive acting debut as the family patriarch and formerly of the DeathRow record label, Danny Boy, brings passion and soul to his role as a family "cousin". Other performers included are Gemini, of Men At Large, and BET Comic Views, Brian "Wildcat" Smith.

The singers' voices are amazing and the acting flows easily and believably between the mundane and the miraculous. The powerful final scene pulls the audience out of their seats for a spirit-filled, joyous affirmation of faith. We learn that adversity can be the glue that reconnects families to their values and to one another.

John Ruffin's "The Other Woman", will be performed on Saturday, May 18, 2002 at 8 p.m. at the Joliet Job Corp Auditorium, formerly Joliet East High School, 1101 Mills Road, Joliet, IL 60433. Tickets are $12 advance, $15 at-the-door. Tickets available at Gospel Explosion Bookstore and Family Christian Bookstore. For more information call 708-474-0474.













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